Your contributions enable us to remain a leader in healthcare and demonstrate the generosity and dedication of the greater Richmond community to its seniors.


Friends of Beth Sholom

Make an Impact on Today’s Needs 

Beth Sholom Senior Living has faced many challenges as a community nonprofit caring for seniors for over 73 years. Now, as we adapt to
these new challenges, we are doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment and provide essential services to our residents.
Beth Sholom has experienced an unprecedented financial impact due to costs associated with fighting this pandemic while continuing to provide exceptional care to our loved ones. In the face of continued uncertainty we are adapting to a new reality. That reality is only possible with your financial support.

Please help us, help our residents—our friends and family members! Your generous donations are vital to Beth Sholom’s survival during this time. Send your tax-deductible gift so that we can continue to care for our most vulnerable population in a manner that they deserve.

COVID-19 Staff Appreciation

During these challenging times, Beth Sholom, the heart of our community, needs help to boost the morale of our 250+ incredible employees who are working around the clock to care for our residents. Thank you for supporting the Beth Sholom Community by contributing. Reach out to us at to ask about other ways to help.

Tribute Gifts

Donate in honor of someone 

Build upon the legacy of a loved one with a memorial gift. Or, show your appreciation for someone in your life by making a donation to Beth Sholom in his or her honor.