b'Gloria Brown Rachel BerkowitzEXCELLENCE MEANS HOMEAND MARLO .EXCELLENCE MEANS DOING AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU WANT!The Gardens resident Gloria Brown moved into Parkside shortly after it opened and lived there for over four years.A native of Slovakia, Rachel Berkowitz has lived at The While she enjoyed an active and full lifestyle at Parkside,Woods for over ten years and is still as enthusiastic about she decided to move to a brand-new community becauseit as the day she moved in. she always likes trying new things. I was attracted toSince 1981, Beth Sholom has been committed to the shiny new penny, admits Gloria, and while it wasproviding aff ordable housing to those 62 and older and for indeed pretty, it wasnt Beth Sholom. It wasnt home. Thethose applying for an apartment specifi cally constructed commitment just wasnt the same. to be accessible to individuals with a physical disability. Gloria quickly moved back to Beth Sholom. She now residesThe Woods off ers aff ordable Independent Living to adults at The Gardens in an apartment decorated with her ownseeking a strong feeling of community and an abundance pottery creations, trinkets from the 37 countries she hasof life-enriching activities. Many residentsincluding visited, and photos of her family. Since my return, I haveRachelsay The Woods has been a lifesaver for them.never looked back, she says. While I hope an apartmentJewish Family Services helped Rachel fi nd The Woods. I becomes available at Parkside, I am thankful I can go andam so thankful to be here, says Rachel. I have enjoyed visit with my friends whenever I want. Im happy to beevery minute. Here, you continue to live your life the surrounded by the kind and attentive staffhere. Im just gladway you want. You live safely and are surrounded by to be home. neighbors who become friends and a wonderful, helpful When asked what she fi nds most excellent about beingstaff .What else can you ask for? back at Beth Sholom, she quickly answered Marlo.MarloRachel is an involved resident. When shes not tidying Lashley is a Beth Sholom bus driver. Ask anyone aroundher meticulous apartment, which she says is one of her campus and they will sing Marlos praises, says Gloria.favorite things to do, shes volunteering, going out to Marlo does so much more than simply drive us around. Helunch with friends, participating in activities, or showing offgoes out of his way to do nice things for people. The worldher apartment to prospective new residents. Shes even would be a happier place if everyone had a Marlo in theirher fl oors fi re captain. I like to keep busy, though maybe life. Marlo may very well be the love of my life! a little less so now that Im getting older, she says. You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you want.Here, you continue to live your life the way you want. You live safely and are surrounded by neighbors who become friends and a wonderful, helpful staff .RACHEL BERKOWITZPatty ThompsonEXCELLENCE MEANS EVEN BETTER TOMORROWS .Excellence means being or doing better today than yesterday, and better yet tomorrow, says Patty Thompson, the Administrator at Parkside. At Parkside, we like to say there is no such thing as a typical day because we are always striving to improve. I think the same is true for all Beth Sholom lifestyles, from Independent Living at The Woods to the Skilled Nursing Care off ered at the Healthcare Center.7'