b'Robin WilliamsonEXCELLENCE MEANS A GUARANTEED PARKING SPACE!Robin Williamson is not a typical Skilled Nursing resident, but when multiple sclerosis took away her ability to stand on her own, she felt it was time to go to a place that could provide her with the care and assistance she needed. Choosing Beth Sholom was easy. Robin was pleased with the results of the outpatient rehabilitation she underwent. And it is located right around the corner from The Steward School, the school she volunteers atand drives toevery weekday. Robin has either worked or volunteered at The Steward School since 2001 when her son was a student. I love the work I do at the school. It reminds me that I can still be useful and make a diff erence, she says. The staffat BethPeggy and Rabbi KollerSholom is so supportive of my eff orts and always goes the extra mile to make sure I have whatever I needlike securing me a permanent parking space! EXCELLENCE MEANS MEETING DIFFERENT NEEDS .Robin adds, on a more serious note, that she truly gets excellent care from the entire team. Everyone fromPeggy Koller is thankful that she and her husband can the nurse practitioner to the therapists to the CNAs isreside at the same community even though the two have extraordinary, she says. Beth Sholom is very fortunate tovery diff erent care needs. Peggy lives in The Gardens; Rabbi have such an incredible team. Its a team that always strivesKoller, a rabbi and former Beth Sholom chaplain, lives in to do more, so its no wonder the Rehabilitation Center atThe Gardens Memory Care Center of Excellence. Beth Sholom was recently awarded a Silver Award RatingThe couple moved into The Gardens when Rabbi Kollers for Best Inpatient Rehabilitation by OurHealth Magazinesmemory further declined. I have multiple sclerosis, and it Senior Healthy Living edition. became harder and harder for me to care for him, Peggy says. My own health was declining, so moving was our best option. My husband was a chaplain here at Beth Sholom, so we knew about the quality of the care. It was a natural choice for us. The only choice.The couple lived together in The Gardens for as long as possible, but as Rabbi Kollers memory declined further, Memory Care was his best option. Its comforting to know I can go and see him whenever I want to, says Peggy. I cant imagine having it any other way.We knew about the quality of the care. It was a natural choice for us. The only choice.PEGGY KOLLER6'