b'COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE .74 Years and Counting.B eth Sholoms commitment to creating a legacy of excellence began more than 70 years ago when it opened in 1945 in the Fan District of Richmond. It was the fi rst Jewish home for seniors in the state. Guided by faith-based values such as kindness, respect and patience, the community was quickly associated with compassionate nursing careand a commitment to excellence. While much has changed over the years, Beth Sholoms founding principles have remained the sameto serve residents with kindness, dignity, respect and patience. We believe it is our honor to provide a true home for those who choose to live here, allowing them to live as independently as possible no matter how their health needs may change in the future.DEFINING EXCELLENCE . At the Beth Sholom campus, seniors and their families discover that excellence is so much more than a standardits a way of life.Each day, residents take pleasure in a campus that looks more like a resort than a senior living community. Whatever their abilities may be, residents enjoy a daily lifestyle as interesting as their own unique stories. They benefi t fromPhillip Pinesa robust schedule of activities. They can participate in meaningful programs. They have access to compassionateEXCELLENCE MEANS NEVER SETTLING . care. They live in beautiful, homelike surroundings. Every aspect of daily life is designed to honor their dignity and toParkside resident Phillip Pines is a survivor of both the provide the abundant senior living each and every residentD-Day invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. so richly deserves. The World War II Veteran who will aptly turn 100 on George Washingtons birthday this coming February, says daily But dont take our word for it. Read tidbits from ourlife at Parkside Assisted Living, one of two Assisted Living residents, their families and our staffwho defi ne whatcommunities on the Beth Sholom campus, is wonderful. excellence means to them as they share personal stories ofIm as happy as I can be because Parkside defi nes deluxe how being associated with Beth Sholom has enhanced theirlivingand it just keeps getting better!lives. Before he moved into his Parkside apartment, Phillip was a volunteer in the Healthcare Center and says it has been very satisfying to watch the evolution and growth Beth Im as happy as I can beSholom has experienced since he fi rst encountered the because Parkside defi nescommunity. I always thought Beth Sholom was top-notch, he says. But the people who work here dont just settle deluxe livingand it justfor getting by. Everyone you meet here, whether they are keeps getting better! part of the administration or a member of the dining room staff , is always looking for opportunities to make a positive PHILLIP PINES diff erence in the lives of the residents here. Beth Sholom has certainly made a diff erence in mine. 4'