b'A MESSAGE FROM THE CEOM ay of 2018, I was honored to be chosen by our BoardVALIDATION of Directors to lead Beth Sholom into the future.proving our value This is my first annual report message as President and CEO.and supporting I would like it to be a document you can use as a referenceour brand for how we plan to move Beth Sholom forward over theidentityforeseeable future. My hope is that we all continue to workSTRATEGIC together to ensure our goals remain aligned.GROWTH I want to start by saying clearly that the foundation of Bethbuilding a more Sholom is as strong as ever. I believe that our underlyingcomprehensive business strengths and our ongoing pursuit of excellenceand coordinated will continue to benefit us as we move forward. I am proudcontinuum of of the many things weve accomplished together in a shortservices, organically and through partnershipstime.SOLIDIFY THE FOUNDATION creating financial Together, weve added more forward-thinking, talentedstrength, investing in people and expanding technologyprofessionals to our team. We reinstituted off-site strategicThe opportunities that lie ahead for Beth Sholom are planning retreats. We rewrote and improved our bylaws.enormous, and the ability to lead this next chapter is We have boosted employee engagement by resurrectinghumbling and exhilarating. I am focused on accelerating our Employee of the Month and Employee of the Yearthe progress that our residents need from us. Their needs programs. Weve enhanced and integrated new technologywill always drive us. throughout our service lines. Perhaps our crowning achievement was the development of the MemoryOur purpose and commitment have driven more than 70 Care Center of Excellence and the implementation ofyears of Beth Sholom innovation, and we are stronger and Hearthstones Im Still Here approach to Memory Care.more determined than ever to provide a fulfilling lifestyle for the seniors of todayand tomorrow. We believe in the But we never rest. Many more meaningful opportunitiescontinuous pursuit of excellence and we are committed to lie in front of us and we are prepared to deliver results.doing our best. Its what our residentsand seniors in our With a vision toward the future, we have identified keycommunitydeserve. opportunities:Id like to extend my deepest appreciation to our residents, Solidify a Parkinsons Center of Excellence families, employees and Board of Directors for their passion Develop key niches in rehab and commitment to moving Beth Sholom forward. I take Move toward in-home models and integrate moredaily inspiration in their unwavering support.home care services Become the employer of choiceEnhance marketing efforts to further strengthenMorris S. Funk our brandPresident & We take our commitment to our residents, families, teamChief Executive Officermembers and the greater community very seriously, and while many providers can say they do what we do, few do it with the depth, strength and commitment of Beth Sholom. I am proud of the strong local presence and deep relationships weve built over our long, storied history. With our vision and these strengths as our foundation, we have a plan to define our path forward with three strategic initiatives:3'