b'BOARD MEMBER quotesJON JOSEPH, BOARD CHAIRPERSON ELISE SCHERR, BOARD MEMBERMoving to Beth SholomOur goal: To be the provider gives residents dailyof choice for senior living in opportunities to enjoy life- the Richmond area. To doenhancing experiences.that, we listen, respond and We continuously evaluateadapt to residents needs our programs and and to the communitys off erings and are alwaysneeds.looking for opportunities to improve, expand and stay ahead ofMy husband and I joined the board because the curve. The Im Still Here program is awe saw, fi rsthand, the care my mother-in-law prime example of that commitment. received as a resident. We are passionate The initiatives we have put into placeabout helping Beth Sholom in its tireless will set Beth Sholom on a clear path topursuit of excellence.future success while maintainingand enhancingthe wide scope of servicesDAN SIEGEL, BOARD MEMBERand programs we have established overWe are committed our history. to continuous growth, improvement and off ering our BETH SIEGEL-STEIN, BOARD MEMBER residents the highest quality The secret to our successof senior living possible.is simple: Keep working toward a standard of care that can only be achievedRICK GARY, BOARD MEMBERthrough a relentlessOur residents experience pursuit of excellence. Itsthe heart of Beth Sholoms been our formula since Imission for excellence in started as a volunteer here at age fi ve. Itsevery aspect of our lifestyles, been our formula since my mother was acare and services. We go resident. Its our formula today and it willabove and beyond what be our formula well into the future. is expected to ensure our From our leadership team to our hands- residents expectations are exceeded.on care staff , we have put together a team who believes in our mission and is committed to nurturing our culture of caring and excellence.15'