b'CREATING A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE .Its Our Way of Life. ARE YOU HAPPY AT WORK? ARE YOUR COWORKERS HAPPY?WHAT MAKES YOU THE MOST HAPPY ONWHEN YOU THINK ABOUT GOING TO ANY GIVEN WORKDAY? WORK, DOES IT MAKE YOU HAPPY?T hese are the questions we have to ask ourselvesBeth Sholom isor has beenhome to other members every day, says Mo Funk, President and CEO of Bethof Dikas family, as well. Her sister, Letitia Johnson, is a Sholom. Achieving organizational excellence starts20-year employee who is now the Assistant Director of with keeping your employees happy because, quite simply,Nursing of The Gardens. For nearly 15 years, her stepfather happy employees translate to better care and that meanswas the Director of Housekeeping. Her children are regular happy residents.volunteers who help out with everything from assisting with Throughout our history, our employees desiresactivities to giving manicures to residents. and demands have evolved, says Patty Thompson,Nakwor Anymoi, a Med Tech at The Gardens, says she loves Administrator of Parkside. While it can be challenging tothe fact that while shes at work, she doesnt feel like she is keep up, our mission and founding principlesto serve withworking. Most of my colleagues are enjoying what they do kindness, dignity, respect and patienceare what drives usevery day. We have fun with our residentsand with each and makes us successful. other. All of this makes for a happy work atmosphere.We all know that competitive pay and good benefi ts areOur culture promotes employee engagement, says Mo. important factors in an employees decision to join andWe fi nd that engaged, happy employees are more likely stay at a company, adds Tiff any Coughlin, Administrator ofto go the extra mile and generally feel more fulfi lled and The Gardens, but there are other desires many employeescommitted to helping ensure residents are living their best often fi nd more important than a paycheck. lives. Desires that Stang Coordinator Dika Thompson says BethMo adds that culture is a top priority because if the culture Sholom meets. I believe we are truly respected and valuedis right, so is everything else. Culture drives our reputation, here, she says. The management team makes a real eff ortour care, our service and, ultimately, our growth, he says. to provide us with what we need to be successful in bothAt Beth Sholom, our culture is based on a shared set of our professional and personal lives. Professionally, werecore values, ideals, commitment, beliefs, skills and roles. Its supported and given every opportunity to grow. Personally,our way of lifeand thats why weve been successful for this is the best place Ive ever worked. Beth Sholom isso long.home. Culture drives our reputation, our care, our service and, ultimately, our growth.DIGNITYMORRIS S. FUNKPRESIDENT/CEOKINDNESSPATIENCERESPECT10'