Dear Parkside Residents and Family Members and Staff:

We again learned today that we have another resident who has tested positive for COVID-19. As per our policy we have commenced contact tracing and testing as required.  We will keep you posted as we continue to receive test results.  This new variant is highly contagious, and we expect to see new cases present.

As a reminder, we are not permitted by CMS to ask vaccination status or require it for admission or from visitors. Our protocols are currently based in CDC and CMS guidance, and we apply them to both our Assisted Living Facilities and our Healthcare Center.  We change them with each new revision from the CDC / CMS.

As a result of the current outbreak (an outbreak is defined as at least one case) we will continue with the closing our dining rooms and suspending group activities.  We discourage visitation currently due to the risk of exposure to the virus.  While visitation is permitted, please be aware that until our outbreak investigation is complete, there is a risk that you could be exposed to COVID-19.   If you are not vaccinated, or if you were vaccinated more than 6 months ago and have not received a booster, your risk of becoming ill with this virus is significantly increased.

If you are visiting a resident who is in isolation for testing positive, please note that you must don full PPE before entering the unit or floor.  If you decide to assume this risk and visit, please make sure that your face mask remains securely in place throughout your visit, that the person you are visiting is also encouraged to keep a mask covering their nose and mouth and maintain six feet of social distance between you.

We test any Assisted Living staff member who has symptoms, reports exposure, or who requests to be tested for any reason.   Please be reminded that we mandated the vaccine and the boosters for our staff as of September 15, 2021.   We also require our agency staff and vendors to provide proof of vaccination.

We are all tired of dealing with the pandemic, but we just need to stay diligent for a little while longer.  Your efforts in helping us are greatly appreciated.

Please be safe and follow the CDC guidance of wearing a mask and social distancing.

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer