Dear Healthcare Center Residents and Family Members:

I am happy to report that we have lifted visitation restrictions for the Healthcare Center, effective today, Monday, September 27th.  Please be aware that if a staff person or resident tests positive in the future, we will again be required to immediately place the Healthcare Center under restrictions.

You may enter the Healthcare Center after being screened by the receptionist and completing the visitation questionnaire.  If you are vaccinated, we would appreciate having this information, but you must wear a mask indoors whether vaccinated or not.

To ensure the safety of our staff and residents and to reduce the possibility of again being required to limit visitation please be advised that visitors who are observed disregarding the requirements to mask and observe social distancing during their visits, will be asked to leave.

Please take all necessary precautions: masking, frequent hand hygiene and social distancing.  Outdoor, masked and socially distant visitation continues to be the safest way to spend time with your loved one.

Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer