Dear Residents, Family Members and Staff,

This letter is to update you on the current status of COVID-19 precautions at Beth Sholom Senior Living.  The CDC’s updated Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People, issued on May 13, do not apply to healthcare settings.

Guidance for the general public is not intended to be healthcare guidance. While CDC’s latest recommendations say it would be acceptable for fully vaccinated people to not wear masks in public, this community guidance is not meant to be applied in the long term care setting where extra precautions are necessary to protect vulnerable resident populations. This means that staff and visitors should continue to wear masks as recommended in our facilities.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (MS), the authority responsible for issuing regulations to nursing facilities, has made no changes in their regulations addressing screening and testing of staff and residents, or in their visitation requirements.

This means:

  • All staff and visitors must continue to be masked upon entry and screened at the reception desk.
  • All staff will remain masked at work, and unvaccinated staff will continue to be routinely COVID-19 tested as required by CMS.
  • Fully vaccinated VISITORS may visit FULLY VACCINATED residents in the privacy of their room or apartment and may remove their mask after entering the room and visit without regard to social distancing. Please bring your vaccination card to your visit if you wish to visit unmasked.  You may either show it each time or permit us to make a copy for our visitor records.
  • Fully vaccinated residents may leave campus to visit with fully vaccinated family members to enjoy small group family activities. Please avoid large groups, crowds, and poorly ventilated spaces.
  • Visitors and residents who are NOT fully vaccinated must maintain their social distance and wear masks. Visitation may take place unmasked outdoors, however unvaccinated family or residents must continue to maintain a social distance.

Beth Sholom remains an organization dedicated to preventing COVID-19 infection, and we urge everyone who is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination is the single most effective strategy we have to stop this pandemic and resume normal life.  Please consider getting vaccinated if you have not yet done so.  For information on obtaining vaccination, please contact Sybil Parker, RN at (804) 421-5029.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer