Dear Residents and Family Members:

Yesterday the CDC posted new guidance on visitation.  We have finished reviewing this guidance and have updated our visitation policy.  This policy is attached and can be found on our website (www.

Tomorrow will be exactly one year from the time we abruptly closed our doors to visitation. At that time there was so little information available, making it difficult to anticipate and prepare for the reality of what was coming.  Finally, after a long and difficult year for everyone, we can open our doors for visitation. While that is wonderful news, we still are required to follow strict infection control precautions. Now is not the time to let our guard down.

We ask that your visitation be either in the resident room or apartment or preferably, outside.  Please go directly to the room or apartment you are visiting. We are not allowing visitation in common areas.   All visitors to the facility must be screened, whether the visit takes place outside or inside the facility.  Screening will include a temperature check, questions about signs and symptoms, and denial of visitation to anyone who has a temperature of > 99.9°, has had contact with a person infected with COVID-19 in the previous 14-days, or has signs or symptoms of illness.  Visitors are required to review the Visitation Guidelines. Visitors who are not compliant with the policy requirements will not be permitted to visit and will be asked to leave.

Until further notice, for visits to the Healthcare Center or Parkside please enter through the Healthcare Center to be screened and for the Gardens, please enter through their main entrance.

Please keep in mind even though a staff member, resident or you are vaccinated, you can still carry and pass on the virus to an unvaccinated staff member, resident, or visitor.  All visitors must have a mask that covers both mouth and nose and may not remove it until they have left the premises. Please know this is vital to keeping the virus out. Should a new staff or resident case present, we will immediately need to lockdown the campus.

I encourage you to visit our website and read the procedures for indoor visitation.

Welcome back!!!

Thank you,

Morris S. Funk