Dear Healthcare Center Resident or Family Member:

We are excited to finally receive our notice that our pharmacy partner (CVS) will be conducting the first COVID-19 vaccination clinic for residents and staff tentatively on Tuesday, December 29th.

The vaccine you or your loved one will receive is given in two steps:  two injections given 21 days apart.  Optimum protection by the vaccine is achieved about 7 days after the second injection, and it is important that you receive both.

Due to the extremely quick turnaround time that is required, we will be obtaining consent for vaccination by telephone contact. If you have not already, you will be receiving a call from Beth Sholom today or tomorrow to provide consent.  It is imperative that Beth Sholom receive consent for you or your loved one to be vaccinated immediately, so that you/they are included on December 29th vaccination clinic.

We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take this next step in our battle against COVID-19.  Like all long-term care facilities, our residents and our staff have felt the impact of this dangerous and potentially deadly virus.  The only method to protect you, or your family member, is this vaccine.  Please consider that there are significantly more risks associated with declining this vaccination.  We are looking forward to 100% compliance.  Thank you for doing your part.

Morris S. Funk
President & Chief Executive Officer