Dear Residents and Family Members:

Our outdoor visitation sessions have been going well and are the safest and preferred way to visit. Now, thanks to new guidelines from CMS, we will be offering an option of visiting loved ones and friends indoors effective Monday, afternoon (September 21st). Indoor visitation will be in designated areas and are subject to change.

Like the others, these sessions will be scheduled by appointment only; will be limited to 30 minutes; and will be carefully monitored and controlled. The visitation locations will depend on the resident’s condition, and their level of physical ability.

To schedule your visit please click the designated link below. You will be directed to a website where you will enter the access code for your specific building. Once you enter, click “submit” to view the visitation day/times available. Choose your preferred time, indicate if you will be choosing an “indoor” or “outdoor” (preferred) visit, and submit.  A confirmation will be sent to Life Enrichment and you will be added to the schedule.

Please refer to our website for information regarding this new policy along with a visitation form and educational information which must be signed at your next visit. To safely protect all our residents and their loved ones, we will need to implement guidelines for visitations. We must strictly follow the Guidelines for Indoor Visitation so that we can continue offering these sessions. These guidelines are in place to minimize the risk of introducing the virus back into our population. Please remember we will be required to shut down visitation should we experience a new COVID-19 case.

The Healthcare Center Visitation Sign-Up Instructions

Assisted Living Visitation Sign-Up Instructions

To stay informed, please continue to check our phone line (804) 421-5141 and website for updates, . If you would like to receive updates by email, contact us at and provide your name, the name of your loved one and the building where they reside.

Please be safe and follow the CDC guidance of wearing a mask, social distancing, and frequent handwashing.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer