Dear Team,

Over the past few days, we have been bombarded with national news coverage about the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, and as a result, many states, cities and local municipalities are pausing or rolling back portions of their reopening plans.  Here in Richmond, the Virginia Department of Health has provided Nursing Home Guidance for Phased Reopening. The Department of Social Services has strongly suggested providers like Parkside and the Gardens follow this same guidance.

Included in this guidance are checklists for each Phase.  Completion of each checklist item is required to move forward. No matter what, we are required to be minimally one phase behind the local community.  One of the many components of the phased reopening is the requirement to test residents and staff. Although we have completed a significant number of resident and staff tests, it’s not enough.

We have arranged for a Campus-wide Point Prevalence Survey (PPS) for Monday, July 6th.  Each resident and team member will be tested on that day, even if they have been tested previously.  The Virginia National Guard will be on campus conducting these tests.  While we believe we do not have any resident or staff COVID-19 cases on campus, this point in time testing strategy will identify any asymptomatic cases.

I have requested that your supervisor make time on your schedule for you to get tested.  If you are not on campus that day, you are welcome to stop in and be tested on your own time.  If you are unable to be tested that day you will be tested your next shift. Testing Locations and Times:

All Employees for the Healthcare Center:
Testing will be in the BISTRO

All Employees for Parkside, Gardens and The Woods:

Testing will be in PARKSIDE MPR

Thank you for your cooperation with this and for all you have done for our residents during this most difficult time.  Remember that wherever you go the residents we serve go with you. The only way this virus gets on campus is through one of US.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer