June 24, 2020

Dear Residents and Family Members:

Yesterday we passed a major hurdle on our path towards easing some visitation restrictions at Beth Sholom.  We are now on day 29 with no new COVID-19 cases and we remain coronavirus-free in all of our facilities.

As of today, we meet 10 of the 15 guidelines established by the state for resuming limited visitation. Our next hurdle comes on July 6th, when we conduct our point prevalence testing for all of our residents and staff in the Gardens and Parkside assisted living facilities. While we have had no cases in those locations to date, we need to demonstrate to regulators that we don’t have any asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus. We also need the Health Department to bless our latest infection prevention protocols to ensure we have proper procedures in place should we experience a second outbreak once we re-open.

I know all of these rules and regulations are frustrating when all you want to do is visit a loved one.  We share some of those frustrations. Yet we only need to look at what is happening in states across the country who are experiencing dramatic increases in new cases. We need to remind ourselves that we are working with our most vulnerable residents. If at all possible we want to avoid having to take two steps backwards because we jumped the gun.

To stay informed, please continue to check our phone line (804) 421-5141 and website for updates, www.bethsholomliving.org . If you would like to receive updates by email, contact us
at communications@bslcc.org  and provide your name, the name of your loved one and the building where they reside.

Please be safe and follow the CDC guidance of social distancing and frequent handwashing.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer