April 30, 2020

Dear Residents and Family Members:

Like many of you, keeping track of the date and time can be challenging during this Pandemic. As you might expect our days are quite full at Beth Sholom but we want to assure you that we have taken some very positive steps in the last few days.

We do need to report that we have two new cases in our Healthcare Center. We have a total of 29 residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 in that facility which is still on isolation. The good news is there are no new cases in any of our other facilities on campus. With each passing day we remain hopeful that we can keep it that way. We continue to make progress on testing of our staff. There are no new positive cases to report at this time. We still have more work to do in this area and are working hard to identify the testing kits to complete that work.

On other fronts, I have been asked to sit on Governor Northam’s Long-Term Care Task Force which is leading efforts to ensure a unified state government response in supporting the long-term care community in the state. This gives Beth Sholom immediate access to the latest information and available resources across Virginia. The Task Force is working in several critical areas including sharing best practices and assistance in identifying the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE). We have seen significant supply chain disruption within the PPE market and in some cases price increases of 1000%.

I’m also happy to report that Beth Sholom has secured its portion of the federally funded Payroll Protection Plan which provides an immediate infusion of cash to support our operation. I also want to thank the many families who have made donations to help support our efforts. Your kindness has allowed us to assist our staff with meals, gift card giveaways and upcoming special events. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness during this difficult time. Please find an acknowledgement and thank you attached with this email.

Lastly, I want to celebrate the number of families that are participating in our virtual video visits. To date we have staged over 150 visits which is having a dramatic impact on our residents. We would encourage everyone to take advantage of that feature.

To stay informed, please continue to check our phone line and website for updates, www.bethsholomliving.org .
If you would like to receive updates by email, contact us at communications@bslcc.org and provide your name, the name of your loved one and the building where they reside.

Please be safe and follow the CDC guidance of social distancing, frequent handwashing and self-isolation.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer