April 27, 2020

Dear Team,

It has been over two months that we have been fighting the COVID-19 Coronavirus together.  I am still in awe of your professionalism and willingness to place yourselves in harm’s way to care for the most vulnerable among us–our residents.

Senior Living Communities and Nursing Homes are feeling forgotten around the country, while hospitals are receiving the support and accolades.  Yes, hospitals are very important but the frontlines during this pandemic are the communities and nursing homes like Beth Sholom. The numbers do not lie.  You deserve the recognition and support from our local, state and federal officials. I will continue to fight for this recognition.  I will not let us be forgotten.

I can tell you with confidence that I am doing everything in my power, to procure the necessary supplies, including difficult to obtain PPE to keep you as safe as possible.  However, we will certainly need to ration due to the severe supply chain disruption.  I assure you we have not stopped our efforts to purchase much needed PPE and supplies.

We have received numerous cards and donations to our COVID-Staff fund.  We are using these resources for lunches, dinners, the occasional treats now and then.  We will continue to use these funds for these and other types of activities to help keep your spirits up.

Please know we have very supportive Board of Directors, Residents and Family Members wishing you to be safe, healthy and virus free!

Warm Regards,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer