April 23, 2020

Dear Residents and Family Members:

Yesterday’s news has prompted some questions by some of our family members so I thought I would try to clarify a few things.

The individual that tested positive in Parkside has been moved to the Healthcare Center and placed on isolation. We are now in the process of testing our staff with the available testing kits we have on site. At the moment we don’t have enough to complete that task. We are working on a plan to test the residents in Parkside if possible, but that will require far more testing kits than we can secure immediately. We have contacted an independent laboratory in order to obtain sufficient test kits to complete the testing.

Just to confirm, the memory unit at Parkside has been placed on isolation. Since the March 12th lockdown, all of the remaining Parkside residents have been self-isolating in their room. We wish we could offer more answers as to how the virus got into that building but we haven’t completed our review or gathered enough data to determine that as of yet.

On the positive side, there have been no new cases among those residents living in our Healthcare Center since our notification on April 17th. We will keep our hopes up that this is an indication that we are approaching the end of the tunnel.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

To stay informed, please continue to check our phone line and website for updates, www.bethsholomliving.org .  If you would like to receive updates by email, contact us at communications@bslcc.org and provide your name, the name of your loved one and the building where they reside.

Please be safe and follow the CDC guidance of social distancing, frequent handwashing and

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer