Beth Sholom respects the desire for information around the way our facility is managing the outbreak of the coronavirus. Here are the guidelines we have put in place regarding what information we are willing to share.

  • Beth Sholom will be as transparent as possible without violating any HIPAA related guidelines or family wishes.
  • If a patient is showing symptoms, they will be tested and the results will be shared with the patient and appropriate family member.
  • We have processes in place where families can call our staff for updates on their loved ones. We also have an end-of-life process in place that allows families to be with their loved ones during that important time.
  • We will share appropriate information regarding the number of COVID-19 related cases at our facility but not the conditions of the patients. In some cases, those figures will be in general terms given the fluid nature of the information.
  • Our first priority is to share information with our residents, their families and our staff.
  • All of our updates to families will be posted on our website.

Beth Sholom does not share information regarding the death of any of our residents. Unfortunately, senior living facilities all across the country experience the loss of life on a regular basis. Many of our residents are in fragile health before arriving at our facilities, especially our nursing home. We do not share those details to the general public and we are not going to start now. While the number of COVID-19 cases is important for our families to know about, we see the loss of life as a sacred and family matter that is private and should not be publicized, although reporting is made to appropriate authorities. .  Anyone who would like more information regarding the number of COVID-19 related fatalities can visit the Virginia Department of Health website.