Dear Residents, Family Members and Beth Sholom Team:

We are receiving inquiries regarding the actions we are taking in managing the coronavirus in our facility, including the testing of residents and staff.  We understand and share your concern for your loved ones and for our committed team.

We met with the Henrico Health Department today, and are testing staff and residents in the manner that they are recommending.  To this date, the health department direction has not included testing of all staff or all residents.

We are in daily communication with our state and local epidemiologists and public health professionals.  We will continue to follow their recommendations in managing this outbreak and testing protocols. We will keep you informed if and when their guidance to us changes.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

Today Dr. Avula, Director of the Henrico Health Department visited with us at Beth Sholom to review all our efforts to care for our residents and team members. I am hopeful his video communication is helpful for you to further understand what we are up against.
(Click here to view)

Thank you,

Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer