April 2, 2020

Dear Residents and Family Members:

Late yesterday, we learned that a fourth resident at Beth Sholom has tested positive for the coronavirus. Given their current condition, they continue to receive care in isolation from other residents on Unit 3 in the Healthcare Center.  We have been in contact with the family and are offering the support we can during this difficult time. We are in the process of reviewing who the resident may have come in contact and working with the Henrico Health Department so we can better understand how they contracted the virus. We also will be testing those on staff who provided care to the resident to ensure that they are not carrying the virus.  Additionally, we are testing all residents on Unit 3 in the Healthcare Center even though they are asymptomatic.

I also wanted to let you know that two of our residents who were being treated for COVID-19 at a local hospital have recovered to the point where they can return to Beth Sholom.  As an extra precaution they will be maintained in respiratory and contact isolation until they meet CDC criteria for discontinuation.  We also intend to take extra precautions for those who will be caring for these residents.

The third patient is still receiving care at a local hospital. We continue to offer our support to the family and are hopeful that they, too, will fully recover and return to Beth Sholom in the near future.

Based on what we are hearing from medical experts tracking the virus, it looks like we have a few more challenging weeks ahead of us. Our team remains focused on our infectious disease protocols and we continue to conduct additional cleaning to ensure we have the safest facilities possible.

In closing, allow me to ask a favor. Our staff like many other healthcare teams across the country have gone the extra mile to care for your loved ones during this crisis. Many of our families have offered kind words of support and I can’t thank you enough. Please keep them coming – it means the world to our staff. Maybe consider having delivered some goodies or a pizza. Anything would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer