Dear Family Member/Responsible Party:

Today is day 14 of our Campus Wide Lockout to all Visitors.  Our hearts go out the families who have lost loved ones to the coronavirus, here in Richmond and across the world. We remain diligent in protecting some of our most vulnerable citizens. We continue to screen and monitor the temperature of all staff, private duty and hospice personnel as they enter the building.

We know the steps we have taken to protect our residents are very difficult for many families. The desire to be with loved ones during uncertain times is strong, we want you to know that we understand your concerns. Our leadership team and staff are here to answer any questions you may have and to offer comfort in knowing that we are doing our very best to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care they deserve.  We do ask for your patience during this time, The Beth Sholom team is working hard to be responsive to your calls.

We urge you to take advantage of our virtual family visits.  You will find scheduling instructions on our website. These visits are limited in time and frequency so that each resident will be able to have this opportunity.

To stay informed, please continue to check this phone line and our website for updates, . If you would like to receive updates by email, contact us at  and provide your name, the name of your loved one and the building
where they reside.

Please be safe and follow the CDC guidance of social distancing and frequent handwashing.

Thank you,
Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer