Dear Family Member/Responsible Party:

This is my third communication to you regarding the Coronavirus situation and our attempt to protect our residents, staff, families and visitors. Please be assured that Beth Sholom is taking all the appropriate measures as outlined by the Centers for Disease Management (CDC) and State and Local health officials in collaboration with our Medical Director, local epidemiologists and infectious disease professionals.

The current information available to us recommends that we DISCOURAGE VISITATION by family, friends, volunteers and students. While we currently do not have any confirmed Coronavirus case, the residents and patients we serve are typically more vulnerable to the virus and the disease it causes. Therefore, in an abundance of caution we are asking you to not visit your family member. Our primary focus and responsibility are to our residents first and foremost. We are implementing this measure to greatly reduce the potential for the virus to enter our buildings.

In order to remain in contact with you, please send your name, email address and name of your family member to Updates will only be available through our website or email. We are in process of setting up a dedicated message phone line where we can record updated information as needed. In addition, we will be posting information as needed to our website, We are also working on the possibility of virtual visits via Skype or Facetime in order for you to keep in touch with your family member. We will advise you as soon as we can arrange for this technology to be implemented.

Morris S. Funk
President and Chief Executive Officer