Dear Family Member/Responsible Party:

As you are aware, the COVID 19/Coronavirus continues to pose a serious health concern in the United States. In that regard, Beth Sholom Senior Living is implementing additional infection control policies and procedures in an attempt to further protect our residents, staff, families and visitors. The current information we have now is that there are no cases in Henrico County. However, we are taking increased precautions to protect all those affiliated with our campus, and we are carefully following the recommendations from our regulatory authorities as follows:

  • Large group resident programs will be significantly curtailed limiting the number of outside visitors to the campus.
  • We are making every attempt to procure additional supplies to be available for staff, residents and visitors.
  • We will be closely monitoring staff and visitors as to their health status requiring all to utilize hand sanitizers and hand washing throughout our campus.
  • Prior to admissions, applicants will be screened for virus symptoms. New admissions will be closely observed for the virus symptoms by clinical team.
  • If any resident exhibits flu/virus like symptoms our medical staff will be notified immediately and make the decision on testing and isolation precautions.
  • We have implemented enhanced staff training relative to disease prevention protocols.
  • All new and current employees will be required to inform management if they have traveled outside the United States especially to areas of concern as identified by applicable authorities.

When you enter the campus please utilize hand sanitizer devices located throughout our facility and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Please do not enter our campus, if you have flu/virus like symptoms.

We ask for your understanding and assistance as we take these proactive and preventive measures as we continue to monitor this situation. We will remain in contact with you as changes develop.

Please send us your preferred email address as well as the name of your resident to in order for us keep you updated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with keeping our residents and staff healthy.

Morris S. Funk
President & Chief Executive Officer